My Journey

This isn't easy to talk about

I'm not your typical fitness inspiration. I dont have 6 pack abs, I dont have massive arm muscles, huge glutes, crazy calf muscles. I am simply healthy.

That being said I have put a great amount of time and effort and make very conscious decisions for the body I do have.

My body has nothing to do with my genetics. I am not naturally thin and never was. However It wasn't until after high school that I really started to become considered "chubby". After high school I began eating a consistent diet of fast food, I had a gym membership but used it for the free tanning bed. I didnt understand how to properly workout or how to eat. When I had something I wanted to look skinny for I would take diet pills and not eat and then revert back to fast food and tanning after.

I didn't realize what I was doing to my body, until I came down with flu like symptoms and decided to goto an urgent care. It was in the office of this urgent care facility where I began to vomit uncontrollably and passed out. Waking up the nurses told me I needed to check myself immediately into a hospital so I called my dad to help me because I was in more pain then I even understood.

Upon arriving to the hospital they hooked me up to an IV and started to rehydrate my body blaming what was happening on dehydration. When the doctor finally came in he told me I wouldn't be going home for a while because my body had turned septic.

for those of you that don't know what that means.

 Sepsis is a life-threatening condition in which the body is fighting a severe infection that has spread via the bloodstream. If a patient becomes "septic," they will likely have low blood pressure leading to poor circulation and lack of blood perfusion of vital tissues and organs. 

There is nothing more awful then looking at total fear in your parents eye's and realizing you have done this to yourself.

I turned septic due to the abundant amount of diet pills I was taking that mixed with lack of water had caused a kidney infection, one that I left untreated until I was really sick.

Now obviously I survived this and would love to say this is when I decided to get healthy....

But it wasnt I just decided I didnt care if I was chubby and this is where some serious weight gain happened. 

Over the next year I packed on 40 pounds which in my 4'11 frame was alot of weight. 

It wasnt until that next summer where I decided I wanted to look in the mirror and love who I was looking at!

I started working out using workouts found on pinterest mixed with a ton of cardio. Eating a very plant based diet with high protein. I fell in love with watching my body shed pounds... Which only led to another unhealthy relationship with myself. I became so obsessed with eating healthy that if i couldn't afford to eat healthy. I just wouldn't eat.

I got myself down to about 85 pounds! I was so thin my wonderful boyfriend at the time (now my husband) told me that if I didn't start eating he was going to call my mom! Its funny how it doesnt matter how old you are calling your mom is terrifying!

This leads me to present day!

A girl with a few fitness certifications under her belt, I love love love working out it makes me feel amazing. I love to teach others what workouts are going to work for them and love to explore fun options so it doesnt become stale.

I still eat a ton of veggies everyday because they really are my favorite but I don't keep myself from indulging every now and then. I listen to what my body craves and needs! I haven't stepped on a scale in probably a year and have no plans too. Its not about the number on the scale for me but about how I feel!

So this page is going to be dedicated to helping others feel healthy and love their selves.

Working out at home

Light weights

I am a strong believer in low weight high repetition workouts. This set offers the perfect range for my at home needs.

Resistance bands

resistance bands are something I love to have on hand! They're so easy to throw in luggage on a trip, and aren't only good for working out but amazing for assisting in stretching.

Small Pilates Ball

This is my secret for really digging down deep into my core. These aren't only amazing for core but wonderful for strength building and stability practice.

Ankle weights

I love my ankle weights because you can throw them on during any exercise to add something extra, or throw them on to walk the dog!

body bar

I have always struggled with stability and using a body bar has helped me to practice stability during basic weight training.